Fix it before it breaks!

Everyone has heard the expression, "Don't fix something that isn't broken". That is just fine and dandy if you want to be headed to work on a cold rainy morning, and your car breaks down from a broken alternator belt. If you give us the opportunity, we will do our best to prevent this from happening and "fix something before it breaks".

Our Story

Larson Auto Repair was founded in 1984 By Michael P Larson. Since then he has cultivated a reputation for being one of the most loyal and honest repair shops in the area. With ample shops in the vicinity for comparison, people recognize a great mechanic when they find one. Mike also knows quality when he finds it. Mike brought on Joseph Smith as a business partner in November, 2016. Joseph is a highly skilled ASE certified technician with over 11 years experience in the automotive industry. With Joe on as a business partner, Mike is able to relax and enjoy more of his life by only working 1/2 days. Joe plans on continuing Mike's legacy for years to come by providing the same great service at the same great rates.


Meet the Team

The team at Larson Automotive comes from many styles and experience levels. From Master ASE certified technicians to electronic diagnostic experts the versatility  and motivation to get the job done correct the first time! The last automotive crew your vehicle will ever need.


Michael P. Larson


Founded Larson Auto Repair in 1984. Proud Owner and Operator for the last 32 years. After running the business for 32 years Mike has decided to start focusing on himself a little more and do a little more traveling. Mike is currently exploring his favorite fishing holes, while traveling to find out where he wants to set his roots next.


Joseph C. Smith

Business Partner

A fleet technician from Dicks Automotive since 2005. Studied at De Anza College, Penn Foster College, and several other trade schools. ASE Certified and decorated with too many certificates to list. Joe has excelled in electronic diagnostics. Since most modern vehicles run completely off electronics these days, Joe is constantly evolving with the modern diagnostic methods.


Gracie Perez

Future of the business

Welcome our youngest mechanic! Walked through our door seeking mechanical opportunity, with great aspirations and raw talent coming out of her ears! Best of all, she has the desire to do the job right no matter what it is. Gracie is always trying to further herself by getting her hands dirty as much as possible, while absorbing as much knowledge as she can. Look out world! Here comes Gracie!

Chris Fenney

Office Manager/ Service advisor

More information coming soon!

Macade Bailey

Apprentice 2nd year intern

More information coming soon!

Next Steps...

Our online calendar is updated in real time. You can see the availability and plan your schedule accordingly. Make sure to book your appointment with us asap, as the schedule fills in rather quickly.