Our Mini Service

Whether your car requires the periodic 3k, 5k, or 7.5k regular services, we are going to do what we can to make sure your car gets to the next service without breaking down.

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Major services

Outside of the regular mini services, we know what your car will need on it's major service intervals, and will notify you when that time has come. We will clearly identify your next major service on your regular service invoices. Of course, we can accommodate major services on any newly acquired vehicles or new customers as well.

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Priority itemization of repairs

Not all parts last forever. Our job is to spot anything of concern. We know we did our job correctly when we identified the failing parts before they failed. If something needs attention, we will be sure to identify its priority when you come to pick up your vehicle. If it is a red flag, we probably already called you and will always notify you as soon as possible.

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The Last Automotive Repair Shop for your entire Family!

At Larson Auto Repair,  we strive to keep your vehicle running in the best shape possible! Vehicles that lack regular maintenance end up breaking down, leaving you in a stressful situation, and end up costing more money than necessary in repairs. We are constantly studying the trends and recognize when parts are about to fail.  We are here to save you the headache and the money.

With regular 5k Mini Services we will give your vehicle a courtesy inspection to help surface the items that require future attention. We will document and keep track of any major services such as timing belts or spark plug changes and prepare you for when these items need to be done.

Some maintenance might not effect the overall drivability of the vehicle but have a chain reaction of events when ignored. A simple low battery is a perfect example of one of the most overlooked items "because it still starts the car most of the time". Most people do not know that starters and alternators are designed to last the life of a vehicle, but it's the lack of battery maintenance that causes these items to fail costing sometime four times the price for a repair!  When we identify these items we will let you know along with the ramifications that will follow if you choose to let these items go.

Due to ongoing training and classes, the entire crew at Larson Auto Repair is very knowledgeable in most vehicles from 1995 to today.

With new vehicles and advancements in the industry being heavily influenced by hybrid and electric vehicle technology, our training is extremely focused in these categories to better accommodate the needs of the future.



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